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AA App: Scarlett Reeves by eiviiaru AA App: Scarlett Reeves by eiviiaru

Need another character for your anime high school anthro-Pokemon RP? Why not Zoidberg? Uh, anyway...


Name: Scarlett Reeves
Species (#): #692 Clauncher
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 17th

Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Hates to lose

Ability: Mega Launcher
Moveset: Endure, Aqua Jet, Smack Down, Water Gun

Personality: Scarlett is almost painfully earnest. Like so many smart 15-year-olds, she feels things deeply and does everything she tries with utmost seriousness. Many of these pet causes and hobbies will end up dropped after a few months, but some don't; the longest-running of her causes are her interests in geography and environmentalism, particularly involving the sea. She's not sure yet whether she wants to be a geographer, a cartographer, or an ecological oceanographer, but she's working hard to figure that out. Scarlett is also very sporty and enjoys blowing off steam with exercise, although she's fiercely competitive when it comes to actual competition.

Socially, Scarlett is a trustworthy, straightforward friend. She cares a lot, and sometimes that can be smothering; if you're her friend, she's going to do everything she can for you, even if you'd rather she just let it go. Prepare for a lot of visits with soup and orange juice when you get sick.

History: Scarlett Reeves is the oldest child of a military family in Unova. Both of her parents (a Kabutops father and shiny Clawitzer mother, from whom Scarlett inherited her coloring) are officers in the Unovan navy, with high expectations for Scarlett and her two sisters -- ideally to follow in their footsteps, but if not, to excel in their chosen field. Scarlett's interest in environmentalism arose in childhood as a small act of rebellion against her parents ("I'm going to save the world, not destroy it with war!"), but her parents were surprisingly accepting, and she came to appreciate the topic for its own sake in time.

Scarlett was always something of a bleeding heart, but she still possessed strong competitive instincts, which she funnelled into sports; as a bonus, sports were an easy way to make friends in a new school, which was valuable given how often the Reeves family moved. For most of her elementary and middle school career, Scarlett averaged a new school every two years, and while Scarlett was relatively resilient, it was much harder on her younger sisters. Her parents decided that the best approach was to send the girls off to boarding school, where they could have a stable environment to learn and socialize... and so it was that the Reeves sisters were bundled off to Amie Academy, a fine school at which they could thrive! Hopefully. Well, Scarlett's going to give it her best shot, anyway.

School Statistics

Grade: 9th grade
Schedule: Poetry, Geography II, Geometry, Kalos Regional Studies, Oceanography II, French
Excelled Class: Oceanography II
Sport: Swimming, Tennis/Badminton, Archery (if available)


Favorite Food: Salads, garlic bread, pita chips... if it's fresh and has a nice crunch, Scarlett is all over it.
Activities: Jogging, reading, environmental volunteering (planting trees, cleaning up trash)

:bulletred: Scarlett has two sisters also starting at Amie Academy this year: Leslie, a 13-year-old Clauncher and seventh-grader, and Vera, an 11-year-old shiny Kabuto and a sixth-grader. Scarlett is very much the doting older sister, mostly to Vera -- Leslie has started telling her to shove off and give her some space.

:bulletred: Scarlett's mother's family is from Kalos, and Scarlett has an interest in the region, which is why she's taking Kalos Regional Studies and French.

:bulletred: Scarlett's hand situation is complicated. Like all Claunchers, she's somewhat asymmetrical, with one large right claw and one smaller left claw; however, both claws have a normal-sized hand on their underside, which gives Scarlett mostly normal dexterity. She's actually ambidextrous, usually using her left hand for fine dexterity functions (like writing) and her right hand for stronger, cruder work (like wielding a tennis racquet). She works hard to equalize her arm strength, since otherwise she worries her asymmetry could be a handicap.

:bulletred: Scarlett loves fictional geography and world-building, and she reads a lot of fantasy novels with maps in the front. Even if the plot isn't interesting, the world might be neat!
StarVeeWolf Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He looks great :3
Dr-Reggie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh this is just precious Eivii. The school needs a local Zoidberg. -cough- Looks good.
eiviiaru Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well, you know, why not Zoidberg? Thanks!
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